Wednesday, 26 April 2017

An Unapologetic Girl

Call it the Reformation/Rèalisation effect, or perhaps I simply have more energy to put the effort in these days (because whilst they look totally effortless, these babes definitely require a lot of fake tan/leg prep on my part) I cannot get enough of little dresses right now! Surprising, given I'm such a tomboy at heart but I am so ready to break away from my jeans. Maybe not my trainers though, but these look just as good if not better when worn with scruffy Converse as well as summer sandals and those block heeled suede pumps that are everywhere right now (Mango have some beautiful pairs in!) When I'm not feeling lazy I love sourcing them from places like Depop, eBay and vintage stores but my go-to is Topshop - they have the best selection right now and I feel like they're the ones that fit me best! So here's my top picks from there and a good dose of Pinterest inspo too. Hopefully you'll find something to inspire you and also, here's hoping the sun makes a reappearance soon too...


1. Petite Red Spot Mini Dress £46 - I wish this came in regular too, I would snap it up right away!
2. Stripe Ruffle Wrap Dress £48 - I think this would look amazing with red shoes.
3. Ditsy Print Button Through Dress £29 - I'd never usually go for lilac but this is the perfect colour to wear with a black leather jacket.
4. Broderie Ruffle Dress £46 - Maybe a little too cutesy for me but the detail on this is stunning, make sure you check out the back!
5. Gingham Bow Sundress £39 - I have this and definitely regret not sizing down! I'm looking for the perfect little bralet top to wear under it (a white tee makes me look like a child!) but if I can't find one it may end up on Depop. Shame, because I love it so much!
6. Daisy Ruffle Tea Dress £46 - I have this too and LOVE IT. I know it's like a blogger 'it' piece right now but it's so versatile and pretty, I'm going to get so much wear out of it. 

...and a hefty source of inspiration

What do you think of this trend? I don't know about you but I'm so ready to embrace being an unapologetic girly girl this summer!


Monday, 24 April 2017

Style Diary #4

You'd think that doing these posts would shame me into tidying my room but nah. I have two wardrobes yet still I chuck everything on my bed. You can tell that this week's outfit choices were inspired by whatever was on top of my pile of clothes and also I love that I was fairly glam all week until I gave up on life at the weekend.



Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Happy List #20

It's been a little while since I did a Happy List so I thought I'd resurrect them on a Sunday! I feel like I've been out loads lately, it's been fun making up for lost time but maybe I need to slow down a little and find some balance because I feel a little bit rundown, plus I'm poor af right now hahaha. But I just get bored so easily so need a focus until I start uni so why not try and blog a bit more! I always feel a bit weird in the summer so it'll be kinda nice to have something to concentrate on. The thing is as well I've not been blogging much because I've been feeling so disconnected from it all and I just find the whole thing to be so weird sometimes. I'm happy doing my own thing but every now and then I feel a bit unsure of my place in this blogging world and I don't like this uneasy feeling, then again it's how I feel most of the time every where else anyway. But for now I'm happy just feeling like 'whatever' about it all and I'll just do me - it's all you can try and do innit?


Monday, 17 April 2017

Style Diary #3

Another week of crappy mirror pics for your pleasure. Enjoy!


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