Monday, 16 January 2017

The Happy List #10

Hello! So it's been a bit of a quiet week I suppose but a good one nonetheless - sometimes it's nice to have a bit of downtime and it's only inevitable really when the weather is this chilly. I've been spending loads of time with family too which is always lovely because they're just mad! Here's more happy things from last week.

1. Wardrobe clearout. I've been having like a mini crisis with my wardrobe recently (I know, #firstworldproblems or what) because I have that classic thing of having a closet full of clothes but not knowing what to wear. I think I need to go back to basics and after a having a bit of a clearout I'm enjoying what I own. I also got rid of a load of pyjamas that just reminded me of ill life on the transplant list and I just didn't want them clogging up space any more. Even though I've been feeling like my own style is a bit lost recently I was super chuffed for the little shoutout on the lovely Helen's blog!

2. Visiting family. My mum and stepdad are on a cruise (see this ridiculous tweet!) and so my grandparents stayed on a little while longer after Christmas instead of heading home to Ireland. We went to see some family for the day and it's nice to catch up over cake!

3. SNOW. We were lucky where we are as it wasn't that heavy so we had all the prettiness minus the agg.

4. Hobbycraft trip. I was quite restrained but still ended up buying crap I don't need. BUT I'm getting stock ready to reopen my Etsy which I'm looking forward to, it was such a fun hobby.

5. Plans for the future. For the first time ever I think I've found something that I would love to do and I hope it all works out! So much to sort out first.

6. Fish and chips with Baby Florrie. She had been to ballet class, I mean HOW CUTE - I can't even.

7. The Fashion & Textile Museum. They had a 1920's exhibition on and I was in dreamland, I just loved it. Also loved being back in Bermondsey, it's where I grew up and I miss it immensely sometimes. But I have a whole post to come on this day out!

8. Dinner at my aunt's. We all got together to say goodbye to my grandparents, it was sad to see them go home but also nice to see them off properly with lots of food!

9. Wuthering Heights. I hate to be big fat cliche but it's one of my favourite books so I watched three versions of it yesterday. I bet it's fairly obvious which is my favourite hahaha.

10. A DIY haircut. The immuno drugs I'm now on post transplant have thinned my hair out terribly - a small price to pay but it was still driving me around the bend! So I chopped a good bit off myself and am now very tempted to go even shorter. It's just hair after all, it'll grow back!

What did you get up to last week? I have to go to Harefield at the weekend for a few days so I'll be trying my best to get my life sorted before I go!


Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Case For 80's Style

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It's certainly not for everyone, but I for one am thrilled (or should that be frilled?) to see the return of 80's style. Maybe it's because I'm not old enough to remember it all the first time round that I'm so enamoured by all the tulle, ruffles and power shoulders or maybe it's because I'm obsessed with 80's movies (Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal too actually, have THE best wardrobes in When Harry Met Sally!)  I just don't think it deserves it's bad reputation. Unfairly (in my opinion) described as the decade that fashion forgot, there is good and bad in every era - I doubt we'll be looking back fondly on UGGs and those furry Gucci's haha.  I think there is real inspiration to be had if you look hard enough - it's a bit like TK Maxx innit? I think I may even like it more than the 60's and definitely more than the 70's (could not get on with that trend.) As expected, Topshop is leading the way and I have a wishlist as long as my arm. 

Tulle, ruffles and the power shoulder might not be what you'd expect from my usual style but I don't think you have to go all out - imagine that little jacket just paired with jeans and loafers? I love the contrast of a thick knit or industrial leather worn with soft tulle (you can find cheaper skirts all over the place, H&M is your best bet!) and swap thick tights for sheer ones or even fishnets if you're feeling brave enough. Double breasted jackets and pie crust collar shirts are always classic and of course not forgetting lots of denim. If it's all still too out there look to the boys for inspiration - bomber jackets, trainers and light wash denim all look a lot cooler than they sound. Plus the kids from Stranger Things are my fave! It's easy to incorporate a little of the 80's into your every day look (this is how I've been doing it here and here) and if you're still not convinced click after the jump for a mega load of inspiration to get you on board!

Friday, 13 January 2017

THAT Dress Again...

topshop navy star dress, balfern leather jacket, zara suedette over the knee boots,
topshop navy star dress, balfern leather jacket, zara suedette over the knee boots,
topshop navy star dress, balfern leather jacket, zara suedette over the knee boots,
topshop navy star dress, balfern leather jacket, zara suedette over the knee boots,
topshop navy star dress, balfern leather jacket, zara suedette over the knee boots,
topshop navy star dress, balfern leather jacket, zara suedette over the knee boots,

Jacket | All Saints
Dress | Topshop
Boots | Zara (alternative here)
Necklace | Topshop (alternative here)
That line down my back is a scar just in case you were wondering lololol

I must wear this dress at least twice a week, it's just my favourite thing - the print, the back detail, the length, the cut. It's like the dress of my dreams! It's quite Realisation-esque, well I say 'quite' it's a blatant, unashamed copy, but what is one to do when one is poor? Saying that I still bought the top version too because it's so rare I actually find a print I love.

Today the plan was to go to the Fashion & Textile Museum but I'm looking out the window and thinking....nah. Need to go though because I only have until Sunday to see the exhibition I want to see! Or maybe I'll try and phone student finance, I've decided I'd like to apply for uni but it's all terribly confusing. I did a year before but had to drop out so wanna give it another go elsewhere but I'm so baffled as to how it all works if you're not applying straight from school but we shall see! I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually haha.

What's your favourite kind of print? What outfit do you wear on repeat? Did anyone else go to uni a little later? 


Thursday, 12 January 2017

December Reading List

coco and igor book review, we should all be feminists review, the kings speech book review

In December I didn't read as much as I would've liked to but to be fair to myself it was Christmas I was mega busy! Although this month hasn't been that much better to be honest...

The King's Speech by Mark Logue & Peter Conrad | Obviously I've seen the Oscar-winning film about King George VI's (our Queenie's daddy) speech therapy with Lionel Logue but wasn't actually aware it was based on a book. Written by Logue's grandson, I must admit it's a little bland compared to the film - it reads very much like a history book rather than a novel so it probably won't be that engaging to most people. To be fair films usually exaggerate events in history to make it more exciting and as a history lover there were some interesting facts in there. It covers a longer time period than the film and goes into a lot more detail about both Logue and the King's lives. Logue was quite the character and I'd never really thought before about how debilitating a speech impediment might be, especially for someone so in the public eye. But like I said, it's not the most gripping read so is probably best for those interested in British history and the monarchy.

Coco And Igor by Chris Greenhalgh | Although based on real people (Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky) the book is a work of fiction. Stravinsky, an exiled Russian composer, came to lived with his family at Chanel's house in  the 1920's where an affair supposedly took place. Whatever the truth is this is a very entertaining read and Greenhalgh has brought all the characters to life in such a wonderfully human way. It'd be easy to write a more glamorous, romantic tale of the affair but it's messy, painful and clumsy as well as intimate - not black and white like Chanel's perfect house. Greenhalgh perfectly describes little moments that perhaps mean more than they might seem and all in all I found it to be a thoroughly entertaining read. A more sophisticated chick-lit novel if you like, perfect for a fashion lover too! I'm so interested in finding out more about Stravinsky's life now and make sure you give the Rite Of Spring a listen (maybe, like me, you'll remember it from Disney's Fantasia!) 

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Adapted from her original TED talk, it's a short read but an important one that I think everyone should read. Her points are argued so eloquently and persuasively I fail to see how anyone could disagree - it's all just common sense really that men and women should be equal. Feminism means something different to different people but this is perfect for anyone who is struggling to grasp the concept and would like to explore it more.

Have you read any of these books? What did you read in December?

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